To improve diagnosis, treatment, management and outcomes of paediatric malignancy through provision of anonymised, processed and annotated human tissues and data to cancer researchers. To support paediatric cancer research while adhering to the highest standards for protection of privacy of patients, and promoting the highest scientific and ethical standards, to benefit all Australians.

  • Virtual Microscope Technology

    Virtual microscope technology allows us to digitally scan slides and perform analysis using the latest software.

  • Samples

    The Tumour Bank has samples collected over the past 15 years.

  • Research

    Using the latest technology, we can see which genes are switched on and off in samples.


The Children's Hospital at Westmead Tumour Bank is a valuable resource that supports cancer research locally, nationally and internationally. It provides cancer researchers with a diverse selection of high quality tumour and bone marrow specimens, non-malignant tissue specimens, and clinical data obtained by dedicated tumour bank staff who follow strict procedures and ethical guidelines.

The Tumour Bank contains collections of

- tumour samples and, where possible, matched control blood or tissue samples;

- blood samples from children with malignancies; and

- serial collections of blood, bone marrow and CSF from children with leukaemia.